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We have a passion for technology, and we are among the leading experts in Agile processes. Being a trusted long-term partner for both established companies and start-ups, we provide our clients with custom software products which are both high quality and affordable. We are working alongside our customers, continually providing support and updates, enabling them to grow their businesses. Contact us today for a quote and a possible partnership.

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Online Marketing & UX/UI-Design

To grow your business, you need a marketing that is efficient and integrated, reaching your target audiences and utilizing the full potential of the channels. With our network, we have the right partners and with our experienced staff, we possess the know-how of detailed marketing analysis and the implementation you need to get effective strategies and measures done for you.

Landing Page & Onsite Optimization

To ensure that your visitors convert to customers, we offer a complete landing page and onsite optimization. In addition to the already implemented interaction design and standard SEO-measurements, a special optimization, including link building services, is available on request, as part of your software project. As well, it is possible to acquire these for your existing sites as part of our consulting services.


You can get measurable economic benefit from high quality and intelligent UX/UI design, implemented by our experienced mobile & web designers.

Social Media Marketing

The Internet-mediated communication over a network of millions of people has triggered global change processes. Businesses, organizations and individuals - all of them interact and influence each other in an unprecedented mass and velocity. Our holistic analysis focus on all the relevant factors that influence your customers' decisions and that information helps you develop strategy in order to create positive interaction with your target group. We can offer you long-term support through our experience and a combination of strategic and analytical approach to social media, including relevant marketing theories, empirical findings, social dynamics and our technological capabilities.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)

Basic Search engine optimization is an essential part of our development services, but a top ranking within the major search engines depends not only on the code quality and the optimized page content, but also externally on your content in social media, blogs, forums, link pages, business directories, and more. We have experts locally on site, to provide you with a search engine optimization in Stuttgart or Munich.