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We have a passion for technology, and we are among the leading experts in Agile processes. Being a trusted long-term partner for both established companies and start-ups, we provide our clients with custom software products which are both high quality and affordable. We are working alongside our customers, continually providing support and updates, enabling them to grow their businesses. Contact us today for a quote and a possible partnership.

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IT Support

We offer you many different valuable IT-Support services, including hosting, server setup, server monitoring, maintenance, and backup services.


For your projects with us, but also for your own systems, we offer servers, networks, clustered and private cloud architecture design and implementation, including cost evaluation e.g. with popular cloud providers like Amazon and Google. We also offer you VoIP solutions based on Asterisk. Benefit from our various inexpensive hosting packages, optimized for fast speed, including domain booking, web space, databases, application installations, as well as highly available managed web hosting for PHP and RoR applications.

Server Monitoring and Maintenance

In addition, you can book highly reliable custom monitoring from us and other maintenance services using ITIL, like service & network infrastructure operations, user support and processes automation, as well as security audits and performance testing.

You will be immediately and up to date informed with our tools on possible failures or disturbances. Just in case, you can also book directly a service team that will ensure that your servers are working. Therefore we also have an on-call support 24/7 available for you.

Backup Services

We also offer backup services for your data and projects according to the highest security standards and up-to-date privacy policies. The remote backup services are carried out efficiently with our tools.