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We have a passion for technology, and we are among the leading experts in Agile processes. Being a trusted long-term partner for both established companies and start-ups, we provide our clients with custom software products which are both high quality and affordable. We are working alongside our customers, continually providing support and updates, enabling them to grow their businesses. Contact us today for a quote and a possible partnership.

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Agile Software Development for Web & Mobile

Outsourcing your company’s software development takes a lot of close cooperation, to ensure that you get exactly what you need, and we understand that. That’s why we offer our clients the ability to book blocks of time with our teams, where they will act as your own employees. You can do this through our YOPESO tools & processes, and this will give you absolute control over each step in the process, all with our experience and expertise to back you up!

Agile Softwareentwicklung

How it works

When you need a project done correctly, with a successful and efficient conclusion, what you need is a reliable outsourcing partner. YOPESO’s IT outsourcing is offered via near-shoring services, in addition to our managed IT services in relevant areas. Our agile software development-based processes and fully customer-oriented tool set, we’ve been proven to be the ideal outsourcing partner in Germany. 

Booking a team for your custom agile software development will allow for completely individualised, exclusive dedication to creating exactly what you need. Coordination can either be done by you, or we have independent Scrum Masters and booked project managers that can take this task out of your busy hands. If you opt for one of our managers, you’ll simply need to tell us about any goals, conditions, and project requirements and we will also ask further relevant questions.

Our customer portal allows you full control over your project, in addition to your project’s current status and action plan. You can use these tools to book one of our teams, as well as logging employee hours.

Our highly-flexible, customer-oriented Scrum and Kanban approaches will allow you to change your project’s course whenever you need. You can flexibly and efficiently assemble the teams working on your project according to your current requirements and budget and you have access to many other project management adjustments.

The majority of our long-term partners started out with a single project, which they were so happy with that they’ve hired us for long-term engagements. Some of the projects that bring customers to us include mobile app development, website development, and other smaller software development services. When they decide to stay, some of their fixed-supply contract needs include further development of their software, including updates, hosting, and creation of new features; and ongoing website development or e-commerce website development services.

The YOPESO Customer Portal comes with useful Agile Project Management Tools and KPI-Dashboards (Here: The Agile Board)

The YOPESO Advantages

While working with YOPESO, you’ll find that there are many aspects that go above and beyond your expectations. A few of the advantages of using our software development company for your custom agile software development project include: 

  • Full cost and project tracking through our easy to use online portal with an easy-to-use ticket system and time tracking, as well as personally contactable Project Managers
  • Full flexibility in the development process
  • Efficient, fast and convenient implementation of your projects 
  • Complete access to the planned steps, and the current status of your project
  • Customizable requirements and flexible Agile project management 
  • Clear and open communication, through our proven processes, customer-oriented staff, and ticket systems
  • Integration of your own staff, if your project calls for it 
  • Flexible team composition – as your needs change, we can add or remove software developers, scrum masters, designers, and other team members
  • High code quality, assured through an established HR-process to find the best developers available, with years of practical experience
  • High-level quality control

Available Experts for Your Team

You can fully tailor your team specifically to your project needs.
Our experts specialize in these areas:

  • Mobile Developers for iOS and Android Platforms
  • PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript Developers
  • Java Developers
  • MySQL & NoSQL Developers
  • Ruby on Rails Developers
  • Software Testers and Quality Assurance Managers
  • Data Entry Professionals
  • Customer Support Professionals
  • IT Project Managers, specialized on SCRUM and KANBAN
  • Marketing Experts
  • Online Strategy Experts
  • UX/UI-Designers