JavaScript Interns- Future Senior Developers

“I learned more than I have ever expected. I gained focus, fulfill my word and completing all of the tasks which I was assigned to. It was tough but I didn’t give up.” This is how it all happened, that a one month journey was the best opportunity for those who want to learn to program and work in a team of professionals.

Six interns, with different backgrounds but with the same passion for JavaScript programming joined our four-week internship. Having mentors from YOPESO JS Department by their side, the interns had the opportunity to learn about:

- HTML/CSS/SCSS- for creating a beautiful looking site

- GIT - for teamwork, and distribution of the project

- Gulp/Webpack- for optimizing and preparing the website for production

- Babel - for writing the next JavaScript, and compile ES6 to ES5, that all browser support

- NodeJS- for working with APIs, and building great applications

- React/Redux - for creating a single page application

- JavaScript - for everything, to be a Hero of JS

Our JavaScript Department Manager, Radu Țurcan says “It was an interesting and unique experience for me. Interns were persistent and thirsty for learning new material. Together, we created an excellent team and accomplished a lot in just one month. All of them proved that nothing is impossible.”

Radu succeeded in achieving his goal, he made this experience a great one. As Victoria Gulpe, who was one of our interns, said “this internship gave me that hands-on experience I needed and has only gotten me more excited to continue my career in this field. I knew a lot of different people from various departments, which also helped me to reinforce my knowledge of responsibility, focus and ambition. I appreciated that they are willing to share their experience they made in the industry, at YOPESO and other workplaces honestly.”

We are happy to announce that we invited 3 of our interns to join our YOPESO team as new members that are excited to grow in our company close to the passionate existing team. We welcome you guys warmly and wish you good luck taking the next big leaps within your career.