The iOS Internship: A Challenging Experience for Youth

iOS_internship_training.JPGInvesting in youth talent is already a tradition for our company and internships are one of the methods to create opportunities for students hungry to learn something new and help them to become real professionals, when they grow older. That's why, year after year, we organise the iOS internship, for everybody talented and passionate about mobile development.

Last year, we selected four interns to become a part of the YOPESO Team. And guess what, these four former students learned fast and are now today's mentors of the iOS Internship 2016.

During their past year, they worked on real client projects, together with senior colleagues within big international teams. During this time they became respected developers as well. They were involved in the selection process, by analysing applicants CVs and leading interviews. Alex, one of  the past interns, says that “It's been a great experience to interview all these youngsters, taking into consideration that last year I’ve been sitting in their place with my knees trembling. There were many different bright minds with a variety of new ideas. They reminded me of myself: Young, hungry for new stuff and with the big goal to change something and having an impact.”

After 2 weeks of interviews, starting the first day of August, we invited 5 talented students to participate in this great journey. This month was pretty intense, bringing interesting trainings and workshops to the table, that covered the following topics:

  • Developing iOS Applications with Swift

  • Testing the code using unit and UI tests

  • Mastering Git skills

  • Reviewing other people's code

  • Learning best coding practices

With helpful mentors by their side, with a solid background in iOS development and a big accessible knowledge pool the participants experienced a perfect environment to learn some of the most efficient coding practices.

ios internship.JPG

The participants, highlighted how the internship was a great start of a career in IT. Their impressions are:

“It was a pleasure for me to take my internship at YOPESO, due to the high quality of the mentors' teaching skills, also because of the pleasant working environment and of course because of the great, sociable and friendly people over here. In my opinion, it is the opportunity to start your career as a young IT specialist, so I felt lucky to take part of it” says Dorin.

Andrei says that “Daily, we learn so much, that just one week of the internship equals studying & practicing with books like “Learn Swift in 30 days”. The experience was filled with many trainings, ideas and code reviews from expert developers.”

“My internship at YOPESO was a great learning experience. Our supervisors took the time to explain 'how' and 'why' to me. The internship was a valuable resource and a real world experience.”- Florin

Marin gave us the following feedback: “Speaking about the internship I can firmly say that it really did exceed my initial expectations. I actually did acquire some precious experience during this month. I was coding for a long time, but  the problem is that the workflow on real projects is totally different and you have to interact with your team co-members, you have to code in such a way that your mates would easily understand it and that's pretty difficult and more than that it's impossible to acquire this skills by yourself. You have to simply do it in practice. Overall it really was an amazing experience, our mentors were receptive and friendly, I really liked the atmosphere in the company because everyone is so friendly to each other and it really feels more like chilling with your friends than actually working.”

Dorin said that “It was a great and challenging experience. I learned a lot of new awesome things from people that are passionate and professional about what they do.”

At the end of the day, they had the challenge to create a program in less than 8 hours proving that they learned a lot and were ready to become real iOS developers within the YOPESO team.

We wish all of them a future successful career ahead, with big, exciting challenges that will help them to improve as professionals.