Android Internship - A Life Changing Experience

Android Development Internship - a life changing experience for students interested in having a career in programming. For the first time ever, YOPESO opened the applications for everyone ready to accept the challenge of becoming an Android Developer, and selected 6 of them to be part of this journey.

During the last 4 weeks, our interns were actively enrolled in various industry trainings and workshops meant to prepare them for the real client projects and active working processes. YOPESO trainings covered the following topics:

  • Android eco system (AndroidStudio, Android SDK, Gradle)
  • Application lifecycle (Activity/Fragment)
  • Android application architecture
  • Git basics, git workshop, gitflow in practice
  • Databases/Content-Providers in Android
  • 3rd-party libraries such as Facebook SDK, images loading, network calls, etc.
  • Best practices in Agile Android Development and clean code
  • Unit tests using JUnit framework
  • How to build an Android application from scratch and publish it to Google Play
  • How to become an open-source contributor and have an impact on the coding community

The internship also gave the participants some lessons on soft skills, which are necessary for teamwork and leadership.

When asking the coordinator of the internship, Veaceslav, how it felt to manage this venture for his first time, he said:  “It was challenging to lead an internship of 6 young passionate people. It’s my first internship as a coordinator and preparing for it I’ve also learned a lot. The main idea was to guide them on the right path. The interns had 7 practical tasks in different areas. We did a code review of intern’s work every day and debated about code quality and tips & tricks. The main focus was not only on Android development but also on code quality. I’m very proud about this internship and, even not all of them were selected, they still have a bright future as Android developers.”


After 4 weeks of intense learning and hard practice, they had a final individual task that was decisive for their future career. This final exam helped our Android Department Manager to make a decision on which interns are joining our Android Department. Veaceslav also took into consideration how much each individual grew during the last month, including their potential and motivation to learn new things.

We are happy to welcome three new proactive, talented and passionate members within the YOPESO team!