YOPESO has provided services to a multitude of clients, among which are big multinational corporations, successful startups and serial web and mobile entrepreneurs. We mainly work together with the product managers, IT-departments or the business owners directly - who are in consulting and implementation roles.

Example Industry Sectors & Clients of YOPESO:



  • International investment company: platform used to sell shares and other type of equity in a transparent and confidential way
  • Online payments system provider



  • Company that offers personalized online marketing planning tools and implementation, as well as monitoring and tracking systems, flexible to the market fluctuations and the budget available
  • Marketing company, that promotes their clients through the use of bargains, vouchers and discounts on their website
  • One leading market analysis company


Business Services and Consulting

  • Creative agency that specializes in graphic design
  • Consulting company, specialized in developing software through all the stages, from design towards development and deployment
  • Business consultancy and monitoring company, that conducts in-depth and all-encompassing analysis of overall business environment and development
  • Recruiting agency, that provides a job search website
  • Translation agency


Project Management and Team Collaboration

  • An Agile company that uses our team and company collaboration platform
  • An automotive retail business that uses our consolidated, adaptable and simplified web and mobile bi-directional communication platform: client-oriented in order to facilitate business transactions - and internal, used in managing the retail processes across all departments
  • Customisable project management and team collaboration software which supports complex projects throughout the whole life-cycle; used for team collaboration, time tracking or resources management
  • A company that develops software systems for highly complex organizational structures and consults on their implementation and maintenance



  • Therapy treatments company


Industrial Technology and Engineering

  • Company in the safety engineering field
  • Repair and maintenance services business
  • Thermal and sound insulation business
  • Fixing and maintenance company



  • Non-profit project that lets students leave feedback for professors for high-school, higher and post-secondary education



  • Beauty products online shop
  • Fashion accessories online shop
  • Online shop clothing from different brands
  • Watches, clocks and parts online shop
  • Computers, electronics and house items online shop


Online Security

  • Provider of a browser security software which encrypts the information (e.g. credit card and other private data) transmitted through the internet connection and prevents spying
  • Creator of mobile privacy apps


Mobile and Web-based Businesses

  • Biggest provider of an online service that connects drivers and passengers who want to share a car ride together for mid to long distances
  • Food ordering business, used by both companies and individuals, with online payment options available
  • Company that helps parents tailor their children's books according to gender, age, name etc.
  • Printing business that helps transfer digital photos of different formats and sizes to canvas


Online Media and Entertainment

  • Keyboard apps, one of them placed within the top 10 most downloaded in the United States
  • Online media sharing platform for user generated content
  • Online community for sharing quality public domain images
  • Online political, economic and modern thought journal
  • Social network apps
  • Video streaming apps
  • Wallpaper apps
  • Ringtones apps
  • Game apps
  • Photo-editing apps
  • Social network iOS app whose users can stream and share videos and events
  • Online platform for IQ, personality, relaxing and knowledge tests