Your Personal Software for Web and Mobile

YOPESO specializes in Agile software development for web and mobile. With over 200 employees, currently located in 4 places in Europe and Asia, as well as the management and client advisors in Germany, YOPESO is able to quickly and efficiently complete custom software development projects, according to each customer’s specific requirements. Our unique agile software development process & tools preserve budget and deliver measurable ongoing success. 

Since 2005, YOPESO has successfully realized more than 200 customer projects, such as mobile app development. Our mobile apps are used by over 30 million people worldwide.

In addition to individual software development services, you can also employ our expert teams of developers for creating your own, custom software. We rely on proven processes with Agile software development with SCRUM, a certified quality management and transparency through a customer portal with time tracking and project management tools. Consulting and contracting are done through our branch office in Germany.

The YOPESO sales branch was founded in December 2011 to facilitate the cooperation with the German customers of YOPESO. We know that a personal, direct, and easy-to-reach contact makes handling your software development projects an easier and more comfortable experience. That’s why we provide local customer support. Whether it’s the presentation of our references, counselling sessions, contractual agreements, or meetings with your local experts - we're here for you.


By combining our near-shore software development locations in Cluj, Romania, and Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, with the offshore software development location in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we are able to offer our services around the clock. We also assist you through our German contacts, which are available in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin, and Laupheim. Having the German management on site will help your project run smoothly.

All sites have a large number of highly trained and qualified IT specialists. By using near-shore software development, we have the advantages of geographical and cultural proximity, resulting in better cooperation, while maintaining a high level of cost-effectiveness. In practice this could mean direct project meetings on the basis of standard time zones, or even the possibility of a short onsite visit by you or your employees.

Software outsourcing to near-shore locations such as Romania and Moldova has the advantages of well trained and experienced software developers, designers, and project managers, as well as a functioning infrastructure with high ROI. Employees at YOPESO work in modern, well-equipped offices, using cutting edge technology and software.

Our YOPESO Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH offices in Stuttgart and Berlin are available to provide you with a nearby location, as well as security and legal safety and partners for direct communication.

5 employees 

With our locations for our management in Berlin and Stuttgart, we can provide onsite support in both Southern and Northern Germany.

Stuttgart, with a population nearing 600,000 people, is the largest city and the capital of Baden-Württemberg. It forms the center of the greater Stuttgart Region, which has a population of 2.7 million.

The Stuttgart Region is famous for its high quality of life, through its numerous parks, museums and art and cultural events. The "Swabian capital" is also home to many large industries, especially in the field of mechanical engineering. The automotive industry giants, Daimler and Porsche, or Bosch call Stuttgart home, as do the well-known high-tech hardware manufacturers such as Kodak, HP and Lenovo.

Stuttgart has established itself as a center for high technology, attracting innovative start-ups, since software development is an important part of the automotive industry. Baden -Württemberg specifically promotes young, innovative companies in this sector. Stuttgart has an excellent infrastructure, and an airport from which you’ll find flights to all relevant international and national destination cities, including the other locations of YOPESO, in the Republic of Moldova, Romania, and Malaysia.

More than 100 employees

YOPESO’s main development site.

Chisinau has a population of 723,500 and is the capital of, and largest city in, Moldova. Like Stuttgart, Chisinau is an university town, and it holds the base of Moldovan economy, as the industry and cultural center of Moldova. The IT sector is regarded as one of the most important economic drivers and is promoted by the government.

The excellent educational institutions, the well-developed infrastructure, and an airport that connects to all the major European cities, make Chisinau an attractive business location for IT outsourcing. Chisinau is also considered as one of the greenest cities in Europe, and its winery Milestii Mici appears in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest underground wine collection in the world.

The most widely spoken languages ​​are Romanian and Russian, but English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish are widely spoken as well. As an university town, Chisinau is also known for its excellent courses in software development. The technical university has over 100,000 students and 900 of them graduate each year that have majored in the field of IT. Nearly 20,000 people in Chisinau are already working in IT jobs.

25 employees

Some of our specialists are also located in Cluj. 

Cluj-Napoca, or Cluj, with nearly 400,000 residents is, after Bucharest, the second largest city in Romania and is considered the "heart" of Transylvania. Cluj has a long history as a regional cultural and economic center, dating back to Roman times.

Today, the city is known for its main IT, engineering, financial services, and other innovative industries. With its 11 universities, including Romania’s largest university, and more than 100,000 students, Cluj also provides companies with an excellent location to find qualified professionals.

Cluj has more than 12,000 employees in the IT sector, making for a large, vibrant IT community, with many events and a lively exchange of knowledge. The infrastructure is also well-developed in Cluj, and their airport connects with major European cities.

4 employees

Our new location in Malaysia allows us to handle our customers’ requests around the clock, due to the different time zones.

Kuala Lumpur has 1.5 million inhabitants and is the capital of Malaysia. It is also the administrative, cultural, and economic center of the country. The city offers a wide variety of architecture, monuments, museums, and cultures. Kuala Lumpur also houses many companies, especially in the fields of electronics, IT, (located primarily in the Special Economic Zone "Multimedia Super Corridor") bio-tech, engineering, and banking.

Kuala Lumpur boasts more than 50 colleges and universities, including the well-known University of Malaya, the UCSI University (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman), as well as the Open University Malaysia, making it an excellent location for IT companies. Many students graduate each year in IT subjects, with degrees that are comparable to western universities. Many students decide each year to work for the local, international companies, which include YOPESO.

5 employees

Kota Kinabalu is with 200,000 inhabitants the capital of the Malaysian state of Sabah, located on the island of Borneo and is one of the most important industrial and commercial centers in East Malaysia.

Kota Kinabalu is accessible via the international airport, which is also the second largest in Malaysia and a hub for national and international airlines. The state of Sabah has many good universities and colleges, like the Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), The Institute Teknologi Riam, The Kinabalu Commercial College and the Kolej Teknologi Cosmopoint. Every year graduates in Sabah are looking for interesting Jobs in the IT-industry.

The Sabah is a region with beautiful beaches and coral reefs and also attracts tourists with the Sabah Kinabalu Park and the Mount Kinabalu. The region offers a wide variety of flora and fauna, including the exotic Rafflesia, the world's largest flower.


The Management

Simon Obstbaum

CEO & Founder

Simon founded YOPESO in 2005 in Cluj-Napoca. He’s responsible for all the processes at YOPESO and also personally takes care of customers. Previously, he worked independently as a network administrator, IT consultant, and software developer. His passion is the technological know-how and its application in developing high-quality products efficiently.

Christoph Peters

CEO & Founder

Christoph has worked at YOPESO since 2010, and became the CEO of the YOPESO distribution company in 2012. From 2004 to 2009, he was Key Account Manager at T-Systems, and completed his Masters in Sales Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe. Like Simon, Christoph works as a Key Account Manager and visits the customers onsite.

Cosmin Dordea


Cosmin has been responsible for YOPESO’s technical processes since 2005, becoming CTO in 2012. He previously worked as a C++ and PHP developer. At YOPESO, he quickly took over in project management, and is now an internationally recognized expert in Agile Software Development with SCRUM, and has already helped many companies implement agile processes.

Alexander Veit


After he finished his Bachelor in BWL at the HTWG in Konstanz, Germany, Alex worked at the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg Bank (Public Bank of Baden-Württemberg) and gained work experience at KPMG Audit. At YOPESO Alex is responsible for finance planning, the internal consolidation and legal issues.

Christoph Weingärtner


Christoph started at YOPESO in 2014 and is responsible for processes, corporate communications, CRM, and business development. He also consults clients on the topics of online strategy and marketing. Christoph graduated with his Masters in Electronic Media at the Stuttgart Media University, and he also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Communication Studies from the University of Passau. He has 4 years of practical experience in marketing, including experience working for MyVideo, Holtzbrinck, McCann Erickson, and as an independent consultant.


In addition to our highly qualified, and experienced, management team that is actively involved in supporting your projects, we employ academically educated staff from all the relevant fields. Our staff members have years of professional experience, working as senior & junior software developers, scrum masters, project managers, operations engineers, site reliability engineers, VoIP engineers, system architects, UX / UI experts, online marketing experts, project managers and designers.

If you want to accelerate or expand your project, we can scale our staff quickly and efficiently to suit your needs. You can request such changes using our proven tools, such as our YOPESO portal in combination with our agile software development processes.

The training of our onsite IT specialists is in line with Germany’s high standards. Because of this, YOPESO maintains a sustainable and long-term cooperation with local educational institutions, including the Technical University of Moldova. Many of the University’s the best talents, and excellent professionals, are already working at YOPESO. Through our policies on selective staffing, targeted promotions, and further employee development, combined with our detailed quality management, we can guarantee our customers high quality and efficient implementation of their projects and products.



CoderDojo Chisinau

The goal of this international project is to initiate children in programming outside of a school program, via informal methods such as trainings and programming games. YOPESO is supporting the project by organizing the events, delivering mentors for sessions and ensuring it with all the logistic needed.


Organization that empowers disadvantaged children with inclusive ICT education and development in Moldova. We team up with TEKEDU during volunteering events that aim to teach children to code.

Girls go IT

GirlsGoIT is aim to boost Moldova’s entrepreneurship and innovation capacity by investing and empowering girls and women to master digital technologies. YOPESO was a partner during their launch event, by delivering a workshop for girls in rural areas in Moldova.

BEST Chisinau

BEST Chisinau (the national branch of the Board of European Students of Technology in Moldova) aims to create an environment where young students can develop and learn by practice. We have a continuous collaboration with the NGO during their technical events, such as EBEC or Creative Lab.

Companies & Institutions


YOPESO founded a Swiss-German joint venture with the DIACOVA AG in Switzerland. The goal of the newly founded company DIASWISS is to find and recruit the best eastern european talents for the most interesting and most fitting jobs available at western european IT-companies.


The platform gives us them the opportunity to find out about all companies that have internship opportunities, and to apply to the selected one. We collaborate with ”Stagii guvernamentale” for promoting our internships for young students passionated about IT.



The project is structured in 2 parts: 24 hour hackathon and one day of conference, designed fot IT specialists. In 2014, our founder, Simon Obstbaum, was also a speaker during the conference.

StartUp Weekend

StartUp Weekend is an international program that aims to prove that a company can be built only during a weekend - and to empower future entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of launching successful ventures. YOPESO was a Silver Sponsor for Startup Weekend Cluj-Napoca in 2013 and 2014. During both of this events, the founder of the company, Simon Obstabaum, was a coach for the participants.

EU Code Week

Initiative that aims to promote coding, organized during one week, year after year, in different countries all over the world. YOPESO was one of the organizers of the first Code Week Moldova. Together with other companies, during one week, we delivered workshops for young people interested in programming.